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Eas 4B (browser/JS):03. Download Eas 4B

When you have read the LEas 4B Licence‌ and agree to it, you can download Eas 4B here and start using it: B‌ Eas 4B-21071500.zip (44 KB) (The file is so small because Eas 4B does not contain any unneccessary media files and is very expertly programmed, a rarity today.) The *.zip contains two files (in a directory named like the *.zip): - Eas.htm = a code template to start programming - Eas.js = Eas 4B itself Getting Started: 1. Unzip the *.zip. 2. Go into the new directory. 3. Open the Eas.htm (e.g. double-click). 4. See the result in your web browser. 5. Open the Eas.htm in a text or code editor. 6. Make changes to the code, refresh your web browser page (e.g. F5), study the changes or error message. 7. Learn Eas programming with either - the GSyntax Guide and other resources of this very Molaskes.info/Eas website - or the beginner-friendly tutorial‌ "Learning Programming with Eas" (also available in German) T→Molaskes.info/Eas-Tutorial. 8. Use the HELP! function call to refresh your memory when needed. 9. Use this very website's Keyword Index (hotkey: .) to look up details of the syntax or of system functions, variables, constants and event types. (The next pages contain further useful information.)
03. Download Eas 4B
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