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Preamble: A manifesto is a public declaration of intentions, along with underlying fundamentals or beliefs. It can be as long as a book or as short as a few lines, it's subject or subjects can be of any field, such as arts, science, business, philosophy and/or, most commonly, politics. This is my political-philosophical manifesto, as concise as ever possible, to fit in small print on a single A4 sheet handout.
Section 1 of 5: Negentropy: The Meaning of Life
‌ Life is the main constructive force in the universe, being highly complex structures with near-infinite information density, withstanding and countering as negentropy (negative-entropy) entities the general physical tendency for structural decay and information loss that is known as entropy, and this is the very meaning of life in general. The meaning of an individual life is to be negentropy, not entropy, which translates to living a safe, healthy, long and happy life full of pleasure, as well as the whole of procreating for a next generation. The meaning of intelligent life is to actively and consciously maximize negentropy and minimize entropy, i.e. to be and do “good” rather than passively “bad” or even actively “evil”, to thoroughly learn and understand the world, help and protect life and life-supporting structures and creative works, and create such if possible and needed.
Section 2 of 5: Cybernetics: Self-Managing Society
‌ It does not befit a society of intelligent life to organize in systems that came to be through a history of chaotic struggles of violence, ignorance and oppression. Mankind should organize by wise conscious application of cybernetics (the science of how systems work) to fulfill all levels of the meaning of life. This means living in local, tightly inter-cooperating groups of a suitable size to be managed in focus sections such as education, conflict-minimizing, food supply, medicine, and so on. The key section deals with this form of cybernetic management itself, ensuring that all needed task fields have a focus section, all sections have enough devoted managers at all times, everybody can be a manager in any section or sections without limitations, and that all managers are best motivated and best educated and work smoothly together. This real democracy is also by far the wisest form of politics.
Section 3 of 5: Economics: Efficiency Architecture
‌ Step by step, mankind should abandon city and village in favour of a new architecture that for everyone’s benefit completely optimizes the use of all resources, including time, space and energy, achieved by a long wooden building ring of only few storeys which encloses a big yard with a central park that is surrounded by permaculture gardens, located in a sizeable clearing of crop fields amidst natural woodland. For around 600 people it would have three storeys and an inner yard diameter of circa 300 m. The ring is formed by residential sections with recreational and windpower-generator rooftops and service sections with greenhouse rooftops. The economy should be based on cooperative needs-balanced distribution, production and services, both within a ring community and between communities, overseen by cybernetic section managers, not on competition, i.e. money or trading.
Section 4 of 5: Epistemology: For a Wise Mankind
‌ Mortal life for mankind means the risk of a total loss of knowledge, understanding or skill upon the death of a human being. Yet it also means the chance of a total riddance from dangerous follies, erroneous beliefs and evil traditions. Each new generation should as quickly and thoroughly as possible close the cycle against all entropy, gaining knowledge, understanding and skills while overcoming or avoiding the old bad follies, beliefs and traditions, first by being taught and soon by actively learning by themselves, for which they should be taught and trained as quickly and thoroughly as possible, which includes not only reading, writing, math and sciences, but also epistemology, linguistics, semiotics, cybernetics, psychology, self-management, and more. This will lead to a wise mankind, finally free from follies such as religion, drugs and monogamous sexuality, and free from brutal barbarism such as eating meat.
Section 5 of 5: Transformation: Constructive Change
‌ Societies have been transformed by violence and deception, which led to a largely oppressed and ignorant mankind. Neither violence nor deception will ever lead to a free and enlightened society. Any attempt to overthrow power turns its agents into agents of power, and trying to con people into social change can only result in the superficial illusion of success. Society must be transformed without actively forcing anybody to change, by gradually establishing, promoting and extending the new way of living in the form of scattered but inter-cooperating, ever growing local projects that adhere on the outside still to the rules of the old society until it has become obsolete. All people will naturally and without much distress adapt in such a constructive transformation. Where possible without threatening life or the general strategy, also liberations of those in acute danger could be attempted.
written 2018-11-06 - 11-08 For my children — and a future.
03. The Molaskes Manifesto
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