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  001 GK2 Stereo Experiment 002 UC3 Just Cool and Lazy 003 UC2 A Damsel in Distress 004 VM3 The Flute Player 005 RT1 Flower Power Penetration 006 TS1 Wiegenliedchen (Gabba Lullaby) 007 RT2 A Long Way to Go 008 GK1 Banakot 009 UC1 Lay Down (On Girls) 010 UC3 Suck My D.R.I.L.L.! 011 VM1 Peace Celebration 3000 012 RT3 African Walk 013 TS1 Diz Nodiz (This is no music, this is hardcore!) 014 RT1 Having a Peaceful Mind 015 GK2 Dancing Glassballs (In My Hood) 016 UC2 Les Oiseaux d'Été Parisien (Birds of the Parisian Summer) 017 UC1 Highlander! 018 VM2 Dreaming of You (Swimming Over Forest Mountains) 019 RT2 New Dawn 020 TS1 T-rash 021 RT3 Red Sunset 022 GK1 Im Winterwald die Angst (In the Winter Woods the Fear) 023 UC3 ? the :-L Y V W8! 024 UC2 Miri Miri 025 VM3 Future I + II 026 RT1 Das Leben ist scheiße (Life is Shit) 027 TS1 Komakühe (Coma Cows) 028 RT2 Training 029 GK2 Devil's Last Wish 030 UC1 Flackerndes Feuer (Flickering Fire) 031 UC3 Killeralgenschau (Killer Algae Show) 032 VM1 At Night When You're Asleep 033 RT3 Sebyria 034 TS1 Britschel, bratschel, Speedydoo! 035 RT1 Metronome Song 036 GK1 Snow Ice Train 037 UC2 In the Summer Night 038 UC1 Dragon Beat 039 VM2 Il Cuore di Leonardo da Vinci (aka Rhumba Vulcanica) 040 RT2 Arab SciFi Planet 041 TS1 Barracudas, Sharks and Piranhas 042 RT3 Doing Things, Thinking Thoughts
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